Animations / Lettering / Street Art

project: stop-motion, animation
concept, set design: Old Yellow
editing: Editude Pictures
music: Knowsum
Berlin, Hamburg, Halle, New York, 2013

We were working on this stop-motion film for three years. To create it, we drew, built, sketched, arranged, destroyed, exposed, projected, tattooed, cut and burned things.

It depicts 26 letters, 26 techniques and 26 moods.

The video was shot in Berlin, Halle and New York City. The idea was to become fluent from "A" to "Z". With this project, the process of creation was more important for us than the result itself. To create a 9 minute stop motion film an incredible amount of photos is required — 15,000 of them, in fact!

#stopmotionfilm #artalphabet #illustration