Objects / trophy sculpture design

client: Bundesverband Deutsche Startups
event: German Startup Awards, Tipi am Kanzleramt
trophy sculpture design: Old Yellow
Berlin, 2020

Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. asked us to design 9 unique trophies for the German Startup Awards in Berlin. The German Startup Awards 2020 were presented to 9 outstanding personalities from the German startup world. Prime Minister Armin Laschet opened the German Startup Awards with a keynote and presented the trophies.

In the design process, we started woodworking with an ax. We cut up the raw wood and created some random fragment shapes. This technique symbolizes the origin of ideas. Business ideas either come about through a systematic search or by chance. In many cases, chance plays an important role in the generation of ideas. The fragments were combined into an object with colored parts. We combined the wood material with transparent colored epoxy resin. Through a chemical reaction, we were able to create the impression of a special moment — where the magic happens. This random manufacturing process combined with its planned production rules resulted in 9 unique artistic pieces.

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