project: workshop
location: refugee accommodation „Camp Karow“
workshop concept, mural Painting: Old Yellow, Lenia Hauser, Christoph Köster
Berlin, 2017

The camp management of the refugee accommodation “Camp Karow” invited us to develop artworks for a series of wall paintings together with the residents. Over the space of two days we had an inspiring time with the workshop participants. The gray containers were transformed into colorful compositions and free abstract forms, which is characteristic of our way of working.

Through the active involvement of the camp residents, the art pieces were given playful expression,  further dimension and dynamism. In the art workshop that was held before and in parallel to the wall painting process, they developed color shapes, compositions and drawings on paper, using acrylic paint, brush, markers and chalk. In the last step we included all these ideas in the wall paintings.

These multi-colored, abstract, partly figurative wall works were implemented with acrylic paints, brushes, rollers, spray can, airbrush and drawing tools. The title "Escape" is related to the current life situation of the refugees but is also an artist statement. We think it's important to leave some learned knowledge behind, to sometimes break with traditions and to react spontaneously in order to develop artistically. These methods allow new experiences in the process of creating a contemporary painting.

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