store fronts / window painting

client: Printemps Haussmann
location: store fronts
art concept: Old Yellow
window painting, art displays: Old Yellow
Paris, 2016

Shop windows are ambassadors or storytellers and are a mirror of the spirit of the times. With these 10 shop windows of the world-famous department store Printemps Haussmann in Paris, we found an exciting way to bring fashion and graphics into a shared dialogue. We had the idea of combining color surfaces, linear drawings, glass painting and mannequins in a manner somewhat similar to a theatre stage with several levels. We devised them so that each shop window was given its own attention, yet there was a sense of unity between all 10 spaces. The reduced brand colour palette and the play of levels of the linear drawings on glass and background underpin this unity.

#storefrontpainting #displayart #artwindow #retaildesign