facade / window art installation

client: Kupprion Immobilien
location: Schiesser Quartier - residential area
window art installation: Old Yellow
Radolfzell, 2014

In 2014, Kupprion Immobilien commissioned us to artistically design an enormous glass facade in Radolfzell at Bodensee. On the one hand, the artwork needed to enhance and improve the site and on the other hand, the work had a practical purpose — bird protection. We decided on a linear artwork that is relatively durable and weatherproof. 
Our work also engages in a dialogue with a sculpture in this location by the artist Peter Lenk. In this way a visually appealing, unique site was created — a landmark for passersby and an attractive residence or place of work for tenants.

#architectualart #windowpainting #kunstambau #artonbuilding