Facades / Illustration

client: city administration
location: daycare center
art concept, mural painting: Old Yellow
Erfurt, 2020

We developed this winning design for the facade wall of a daycare center. The art concept was thematically adapted to the location "Old Town of Erfurt" and the "Brühler Garden". Illustrative drawings and patterns are arranged on two complex picture panels. These are embedded in a composition of forms that overlap like windows and create a spatial depth through shading and perspective. In addition, the name of the institution was typographically integrated.

The existing color concept of the daycare center was reflected in our choice of colors for the wall design. The green and earth tones ensure that the mural blends in well with the surrounding garden area. Our intention was that the mural offer a broad scope for interpretation. Both children and adults should be addressed aesthetically and in terms of content. Plus the mural should be fun — there should always be something to discover. 

#illustration #muralart #colourful