interior art / office design

client: Google
location: Google headquarter
architecture design: AHMM London.
art concept, design: Slang 
mural painting implementation: Old Yellow
Berlin, 2019

The graphic design studio SLANG was in charge of the development, design and the production/installation of 30 graphic works and a wayfinding system for the Google headquarters in Berlin. The space is over 7000m2, and spread over 5 floors of a former women’s hospital — built-in 1883. The design concept is based on balancing uniformity of color and a multiplicity of design, forms, and materials. All these pieces are about either exploration, art, or Berlin. Our task was to transfer these motifs to the walls. There were a few challenging moments along the way, but thanks to our know-how — gained through years of experience — we were able to implement all ideas to a high standard by using special techniques.

#muralart #opticalillusion #contemporaryart #colourgradient #spatialart #spatialdesign