Lettering / interior art

client: BTK Berlin College of Design
location: lobby, College of Design
lettering mural: Old Yellow
Berlin, 2016

The Art & Design University of Applied Sciences — BTK Berlin — commissioned us to design these two walls. One wall shows the leadership principles of the BTK Berlin, typographically designed. Colors, forms and composition are oriented on the interior of the rooms. For the client, it was important to design analogue written fonts and not to use digital ones. We specialize in the development of typography, which is handwritten with brushes, paint brushes, pens or other tools. However in the design process, we often work digitally during the preparation phase in order to be able to make decisions with the client more quickly.

In the second wall design, a world map with all the locations of the university and all the countries of origin of the students and their awards are shown in an infographic.


#wallpainting #brushlettering #typographicmurals #handlettering