Lettering / interior art

client: Anonymous
location: client offices
project management: Cushman & Wakefield
art concept, mural painting, brush lettering: Old Yellow
Munich, 2017

The client asked us to develop a comprehensive concept. We worked closely with the agency and the interior designer to generate a sensitive visual language and a well-thought-out color scheme. The design concept includes around 100 walls, columns and meeting rooms on 5 floors of a huge office building in Munich. We included specific content such as focal points that are visible in the wall designs on each floor.

The main goal was to modernize this outdated office building and to create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and creatively enriched.

These typographic walls show the leadership principles of the client. For the client, it was important to design analogue written fonts and not to use digital ones. We specialize in the development of typography, which is handwritten with brushes, paint brushes, pens or other tools. However in the design process, we often work digitally during the preparation phase in order to be able to make decisions with the client more quickly.

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