facade / street art

project: Room Boom Art Festival
art concept, mural painting: Old Yellow
Schkeuditz, 2019

This artistically free work was created as part of the Room Boom Art Festival. We were asked if we were able to create a wall work for this event. After a tour of the festival location and a brainstorming session, we decided to create an art piece for the facade. For quite some time we’d had the idea of painting on a whole building, with all of its different surfaces. We did not want to limit ourselves here. The architecture became our canvas.

To realise this project we decided on a composition which would contain the different styles of all six artists. A mix of painterly abstract, comic-like imagery, drawn elements, and monochrome surfaces was implemented using a broad range of artistic techniques.

We are very satisfied with this work and are looking forward to taking on similar challenges in the future!

#publicart #wallpainting #abstractart