client: Adidas
location: public space
agency: Vice Germany
art concept, mural painting: Old Yellow
Berlin, 2012

Adidas commissioned us via the Vice Germany agency to create this facade in Berlin-Kreuzberg as part of the #represent campaign. The old structure of this facade is conveyed— above all — through traces of its Berlin's 90s charm that peep through. We wanted to integrate this character into our work, and thus create a design that integrates the background into the work. We created a clear design idea classically by making a circular shape from intricate elements. This graphic pattern demonstrates different artistic content and incorporates the keyword of the campaign — #represent. The second level plays with a colorful palette, intended to emphasize Berlin's diversity. This facade has become a symbol for this street and is a typical attraction for many tourists.

#largescalemural #publicart #wallpainting #illustration