facades / interior art

client: Motel One
location: hotel
art concept, mural painting: Old Yellow
material collage, glass design, art print: Old Yellow
Berlin, 2017

This project involves material collage, glass design and facade painting. We came up with an extensive design concept for both the exterior and interior of Motel One at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. The facade design in the courtyard picks up on the elements of the interior art concept. The patterns, colour gradients and abstract quotations from pop culture have the effect of a stage set that immerses the viewer in the adventurous and mysterious depths of the city.

The reception area shines in a darkly luminous colour palette which extends from the interior to the furnishings and the reception wall.  For the latter, we created a material collage of 4x10m that extends behind the reception counter.  Various fabrics and wood in combination with pictorial and graphic gestures convey the dynamism and complexity that are so typical for this city.

#largescalemural #architecturalart #wallpainting