Objects / Art Installation / Event / PR

client: Netflix
agencies: MStudio, BASA, Wavemaker
Marketing event: Netflix series "How to sell drugs online (fast)"
artwork: CX
production + implementation: Old Yellow
Berlin, 2020

For the launch of the second season of the successful German Netflix series "How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)," we created a gigantic, 1.2 tonne artwork, consisting of approximately 120,000 pills in collaboration with the British artist Chemical X. The series tells the story of students who start an online drug mail order business from their nursery. The art installation was set up at BIKINI Berlin. It consists of several layers — a printed layer made of Alu-Dibond, an acrylic glass layer with recesses for pills, plus mirrored inlays and a protective layer. The motif shows the face of the main actor — Maximilian Mundt, plus the series title — typographically realised — as well as illustrative elements.

#artinstallation #artobject #illustration