object / art installation / animations / events

client: Coca-Cola
location: Brandenburger Gate
agency, concept: McCann Erickson
art concept, mural painting, illustration: Old Yellow
illustration: Gogoplata
art object installation: Clemens Behr
animation, mapping: schnellebuntebilder
Berlin, 2011

For this three-day celebration event of German unity at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, we created this huge art installation together with the artists Clemens Behr and Gogoplata. We developed the concept for the artistic realization with the agency McCann Erickson. Over the space of three solid days, we worked live on this installation. Over 1 million visitors walked by during this time and observed the process.

An interactive audience game was also integrated into the show. For this purpose, the monument was animated and brought to life in the dark by the animation team Schnellebuntebilder using projections. This 12-meter high tower became the absolute highlight of this event.

In another project, we were commissioned by the agency Ogilvy & Mather to create an interpretation of the Coke bottle with a logo. For this task, we built a 120cm high sculpture out of many hundreds of leftover pieces of wood — an artistic interpretation of the bottle. After a final photo shoot, the work became part of an annual calendar, which was published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the brand.

#illustration #eventarchitecture #interactive