Event / light installation

client: Metric Market
location: event space
live painting, light installation: Old Yellow, Lebocal Art Collective
Barcelona, 2016

The concept behind this art performance was to symbolize the creation of the world from nothing. The work was created as part of a cultural event in the event space (and by the way a very good restaurant for Catalan food) Metric Market in Barcelona.

Our abstract, partly figurative paintings and drawings were created on black-primed walls. Our painting materials were brushes, pastel chalks, spray cans, and markers.

However, the work of art only becomes fully visible through a special lighting situation. Through the use of RGB light panels, you can make color spectra visible or hide. For example, a blue hand-drawn chalk line will get completely disappeared under blue RGB light, other colors are highlighted glowingly. This change of color filters creates constantly new color and shape situations on the walls. Similar to VJ-ing, you can use a color controller to respond to situations and sounds spontaneous. Rhythmically or fluently you can completely change the mood in the event space. To see what's happening in the art performance you can take a look in the short movies.

Here a second project with RGB-light panels: live painting performance by Old Yellow and Miramode Orchestra in the Francke Foundations at the Museum Night Halle-Leipzig.

#rgblight #artperformance #abstractdrawing #artevent #interactionart