object / facade / store front / event

client: Adidas
locations: flagship store, Berlin marathon event, public space
agency: Heimat, Vice Germany
art concept, mural painting, window painting, art installation: Old Yellow
Berlin, 2012

"If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to see another world, run a marathon." Emil Zátopek

The Berlin Marathon is one of the World Marathon Majors and, along with the events in New York, Boston and London, is one of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world. 
For this event, Adidas asked us to develop an art installation in public space. The idea and the concept of the agency Heimat was to have 5 stations spread along the course of the event, representing the 5 mental and physical phases of a marathon runner. We built an installation in the form of a movable billboard that allowed the audience and the 40,000 marathon participants to literally look inside the marathon runner. Our comic-like paintings became visible through a runner's silhouette and symbolized the 3rd stage "Euphoria".

In another project, Adidas commissioned us via the Vice Germany agency to create this facade in Berlin-Kreuzberg as part of the #represent campaign. The old structure of this facade is conveyed— above all — through traces of its Berlin's 90s charm that peep through. We wanted to integrate this character into our work, and thus create a design that integrates the background into the work. We created a clear design idea classically by making a circular shape from intricate elements. This graphic pattern demonstrates different artistic content and incorporates the keyword of the campaign — #represent. The second level plays with a colorful palette, intended to emphasize Berlin's diversity. This facade has become a symbol for this street and is a typical attraction for many tourists.

This window painting was part of the #represent campaign at the store front of the Adidas flagship store in Berlin Mitte. We spontaneously implement a window painting in the corporate colors.

#largescalemural #publicart #wallpainting #illustration #windowpainting #kineticart #installation